About Us–Advocacy

PASS Advocacy was founded by teacher and parent of adopted, special needs kids, Janie Dickens, to help families and their schools better serve the needs of their children.  She is joined by an elite team of professionals who are available to collaborate based on your child’s specific needs:

· A national board certified educator with extensive practical experience implementing interventions
· A behavior specialist/educator with both residential and in-patient experience with the most severe behavior disorders
· An ESL specialist with both primary and secondary experience
· An occupational therapist with over 15 years of in-school service
· A physical therapist with expertise delivering service in a school setting
· A developmental therapist specializing in pre-school age children and the Early Intervention program

PASS Advocacy is a team of educational professionals focused on supporting families with special needs children. We are the only advocacy group offering highly specialized expertise in all areas of support, including academic, behavioral, emotional, and physical needs. Additionally, PASS offers support for post-institutionalized children and adoptive families, and children with spectrum diagnoses. Our goal is to help parents and caregivers advocate for academic support services, classroom accommodations and/or educational placement.

Our chief advocate, Janie Dickens, M.Ed., NBCT is both a National Board certified educator (’06-’16) with over fifteen years classroom experience and aparent of special needs children. Her unique approach allows her to bridge the gap between the school and the family, crafting a more cooperative relationship and ultimately ensuring a better outcome for the child. Ms. Dickens is especially adept at navigating relationships that have become adversarial and repairing family/school relationships. Some families who have felt legal action was their only recourse have been pleased to find that with Ms. Dickens’ help, conflicts can be resolved and the need for legal action is not necessary.

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